[wp-hackers] GSoC2009 - Ideas for implementing Event management in MU

Ankit Jain ankitasdeveloper at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 06:47:37 GMT 2009


I have submitted proposal for implementing event management in
MU/BuddyPress.Here is what i think.

Following are few possibilities that can be included in WordPress
MU/BuddyPress. Looking forward for feedback and prioritizing:

   1. Event Organizer: allowing users to create, edit, delete events. In
   addition, time zone coordination and showing time in user’s local time zone,
   geo-location, etc.
   2. Attendance: users can mark for their attendance. (e.g. interested, may
   attend, attending, not attending)
   3. Search for upcoming events. This can be extended as event directory
   allowing location specific search, tag cloud / browse by category.
   4. Roles: users can indicate their role for events. E.g. organizer,
   participant, volunteer, promoter/sponsor, etc;
   5. Revision History: this becomes important component when we want
   multiple users (in addition to event creator) to modify/propose event
   6. Discussion: each event will have a forum for users’ views. For
   simplicity this should be a flat blog-post comment like listing (or like
   Twitter’s update listing).
   7. Tagging: free tagging. Or categorization of event (e.g. educational,
   cultural, get-together/party, conference, show, outing, etc ;).
   Categorization sometimes known as controlled tagging.
   8. Group integration: if implemented in Buddypress, an event can be
   restricted to one (or possibly more) group.
   9. Blog-post integration: while writing a blog-post, users can indicate
   associate events. And now, these posts appear on event’s detail page as
   ‘blogs that talk about this event’.
   10. Notifications/Reminders: sending reminder emails to all interested.
   This includes users who have indicated as interested, attending, may attend.
   11. RDF/XML support: This is an effort to produce semantic data [image:
   ;)] as machine interpretable. Event details should be encoded in RDF/XML
   (or RDFa) using http://www.w3.org/TR/rdfcal/ ontology.
   12. Admin page: settings like to enable/disable discussions,
   notifications, revisions, etc;

A detailed proposal is published @

Community's views and comments are welcomed.

Thank you,
- ankit

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