[wp-hackers] WordPress as a full stack web framework

Stephane Daury wordpress at tekartist.org
Tue Sep 30 22:24:04 GMT 2008

I don't mean to spam you guys with our plugin releases, but one of  
them is (to me) a great examples of something I'm thinking about  
presenting in WordCamps: "Using WordPress as a full-stack web  

Our Praized Community plugin does not extend WP as much as it uses it  
as a container for us to be able provide an easy to deploy, powerful,  
extensible and very much supported solution.

Here are the mandatory plugin links and a bit more info:

I started by making a PHP lib to interact with our XML/JSON API, but  
when it came down to rolling something anyone could install, the WP  
plugin framework proved to be the ideal solution. We do also provide  
MT plugins, for market reasons, but they're more or less ports of what  
we achieve through WP first and foremost.

I've never been much of a framework guy in the past, preferring to  
develop my own codebases, but since I've started developing for WP,  
it's pretty much now turned into my full time job. :)

Anyway, the point is to ask if you think there's value and potentially  
interest in me developing a presentation along those lines.

Let me know what you think.


Stephane Daury

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