[wp-hackers] Backup to Amazon S3

Keith Solomon ksolomon at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 15:24:15 GMT 2008

Count me in.  I already use S3 to back up my local dev machine, it'd be 
nice to be bale to back up my live site too...


Dan Coulter wrote:
> With the discussion this last week of methods of backing up the database, I
> decided to make some more progress on my plugin to backup WordPress files to
> Amazon S3.  Right now, I've got it backing up the config, the database,
> themes and plugins (I'm going to add uploads as soon as I figure out a
> problem I'm having).  It uploads a zip archive with everything you select.
> I'd love to have some testers before I upload it to the public on
> wordpress.org.
> Requirements for this very early test version:
> Linux box with mysqldump (I'll work around this requirement later)
> PHP5
> An Amazon S3 account (obviously)
> The ability and knowhow to create your own bucket in Amazon S3 and
> find/download files that have been uploaded.

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