[wp-hackers] Backup to Amazon S3

Dan Coulter dan at dancoulter.com
Sun Sep 28 07:11:55 GMT 2008

With the discussion this last week of methods of backing up the database, I
decided to make some more progress on my plugin to backup WordPress files to
Amazon S3.  Right now, I've got it backing up the config, the database,
themes and plugins (I'm going to add uploads as soon as I figure out a
problem I'm having).  It uploads a zip archive with everything you select.
I'd love to have some testers before I upload it to the public on

Requirements for this very early test version:
Linux box with mysqldump (I'll work around this requirement later)
An Amazon S3 account (obviously)
The ability and knowhow to create your own bucket in Amazon S3 and
find/download files that have been uploaded.

Dan Coulter

Hey, I got nothing to do today but smile
-Simon and Garfunkel

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