[wp-hackers] database columns

quilospam quilospam at email.it
Fri Sep 26 09:01:04 GMT 2008

Hello everybody (first mail!!)

don't know if this is the right place for asking, but  I didn't find any
developer forum or ml.

so,here si my question:

I have a webcomic, hosted in a free-service. I would like to buy some
web space and domain. I will install wordpress but I need to migrate all
of my old strips to the new blog. 

My old blog isn't a wordpress one, so my idea was to writing a script
(actually in python) for walking through my harddisk, getting stats from
image files, ad building the wp_post database.

I've encountered some difficult reverse engineering the wp_post columns.

Is there any explanation of what they exactly mean?

I only need to fill the database with, post title, date (I read the
creation time from the file stats) and stop. 

But doing it in this way it says me that "the column xxx has no default

I found this:

but it doesn't explain everything...

if someone understand my spaghetti-english ( :-) ), can some one help


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