[wp-hackers] Login doesnt work in intranet URLs in MU version

senthilraja P technocraze at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 14:15:26 GMT 2008

> I just tried to install wordpress MU in my company intranet, but i could
>> not login with intranet URL.  (eg: https://blogs/).
>> After installation, i tried to login as admin, but i am getting the same
>> login page again.
>> I am currently debugging the issue.  Is it a bug?
> I think WPMU expects a more fully formed hostname, which needs at least two
> parts. So you'd need to name your site something like 'blogs.localnet'
> instead of just 'blogs' (or better yet: 'blogs.myrealdomain.com'). This
> can be a pain if you don't have internal DNS already set up. But I always
> say that it's worth it to set up DNS for your office network anyways.
Thanks dougal.  But in our company, all intranet urls are like https://blogs,
https://wiki .  Infact, we have a huge corporate blog implementation of
wordpress that hosts around 15,000 blogs inside our company..  the url is
like https://ch1blogs/blogs .

I am currently upgrading the code base to the latest version...  i deployed
a customized version of wordpress around two years back when wordpress was
in its nightly build and now i am redoing all customizations in to plugins.
We need to maintain the same url after upgradation..

It would be helpful, if i know in which part of the code this issues


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