[wp-hackers] setting ABSPATH...?

Ryan McCue ryanmccue at cubegames.net
Tue Sep 23 12:44:54 GMT 2008

Stephen Rider wrote:
> Okay, I notice that wp-config.php file has a conditional that sets
> ABSPATH if it is not already set.  Since ABSPATH gets set in
> wp-load.php, under what circumstances is it ever set in wp-config?
> Part of why I ask is that, as of WP 2.6, wp-config.php might be one
> directory up.  If ABSPATH is set there, it will be wrong, won't it?
> Can that line be safely removed from wp-config.php, or is it genuinely
> necessary?
> Stephen
In the past, there was no wp-load.php, and as such, many people (myself
included) loaded wp-config.php directly to load WP. In this case, it
would not have been set.

In my opinion, it should be fine to remove it.


Ryan McCue

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