[wp-hackers] WP Admin UI Idea #3

Kaspars Dambis kaspars at konstruktors.com
Mon Sep 22 12:54:27 GMT 2008

> My Tasks
> I'm not really sure what that means, perhaps you mean user-chosen 'Quick
> Links' to various parts of the admin panel they use most often. This would
> be a nice touch, but possibly from a link in the header. Clicking a
> 'Quicklinks' link would open up a dropdown perhaps?

Yes, 'my tasks' means quick links that are generated automatically (and
can be configured) based on the admin sections which the user visits the

I have never clicked on anything other than items in the main menu of
the 2.5+ dashboard. These links would add 'switches' to the dasboard
which currently consist only of 'gauges'.

> Widgets
> Your interpretation of a widgets management page also has some nice touches,
> like being able to see what the content of the widget would look like via
> the opening of the widget; but I'm not sure how the layout would cope with
> large numbers of widgets?

Each widget box would contain widget controls just like they currently

On my blog I currently have 27 unused widgets. This would result in 27/4
= 7 rows (35px per row * 7 = 245px of vertical space) of widgets. Each
widget row could be easily reduced to 25px, which would allow placing 40
widgets in 250px.

> Overall, I think we should stick to the current design, and patch it with
> the best bits of yours.

I agree.


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