[wp-hackers] WP Admin UI Idea #3

Alex Hempton-Smith hempsworth at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 22 11:45:32 GMT 2008

There are some really nice parts to the design:
Is a huge improvement on the current design, especially the drag-and-drop
functionality, as well as the 'Configure' button on hover. I would change
the 'move' cursor immediately, rather than having a wait on it. Also, 'Edit'
may be better than 'Configure' for most users.

Your take on the navigation gives far more feedback to the user in terms of
the hover effect, as well as the different colour for the numbers.

My Tasks
I'm not really sure what that means, perhaps you mean user-chosen 'Quick
Links' to various parts of the admin panel they use most often. This would
be a nice touch, but possibly from a link in the header. Clicking a
'Quicklinks' link would open up a dropdown perhaps?

Your interpretation of a widgets management page also has some nice touches,
like being able to see what the content of the widget would look like via
the opening of the widget; but I'm not sure how the layout would cope with
large numbers of widgets?

However, I think the best elements of your design should be introduced into
the current 2.7 design. I'm currently flicking between yours and the 2.7
version, and I personally rather the way 2.7 fills the screen completely,
making it feel more like a web-app. Also, the grey header bar in 2.7 could
become very useful, if it were to be organized better.

Overall, I think we should stick to the current design, and patch it with
the best bits of yours.

-- Alex

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