[wp-hackers] Wrong date in Atom feed

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Sun Sep 21 18:34:50 GMT 2008

Callum Macdonald wrote:
> It's a couple of posts in particular, not all of them for some reason.
> Post "FuseMail is Go"
> RSS:
> <pubDate>Sat, 30 Aug 2008 08:35:59 +0000</pubDate>
> Atom:
> <updated>2008-09-03T04:18:26Z</updated>
> <published>2008-08-30T08:35:59Z</published>
> It seems to be a series of posts but not all of them. I'll look into it
> in a bit more detail this week hopefully.
What are you expecting to see here?

Both of those show that the post was published on the 30th of August at 
8:35am GMT

The atom one just adds that the content was updated last on the 3rd 
September at 4:18am GMT


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