[wp-hackers] Wrong date in Atom feed

Callum Macdonald lists.automattic.com at callum-macdonald.com
Sat Sep 20 09:15:30 GMT 2008

This is very weird...

Check out these two feeds:

The dates are wrong on the atom feed. Not sure why or what's causing it.
I'll try to get some time to look into the code.

Here's my list of active plugins:
Akismet 2.1.4 
Contact Form ][ 2.0.13
Dunstan's Time Since 1.1
Google XML Sitemaps
Image Link jQuery Hack 0.1 (homegrown)
Lighter Menus 2.6.8
Log POST requests 0.1
Twitter for Wordpress 1.9
WordPress.com Stats 1.2.1
WP-Delegate-OpenID 0.1 (homegrown)
WP-Mail-SMTP 0.7
WP Drafts Menu 0.1 (homegrown)

I don't think any of the plugins are affecting the feeds, but I'll get
into it further.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Any suggested routes of

Cheers - Callum.

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