[wp-hackers] wp releases : is it planned in any way ?

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Fri Sep 12 06:39:20 GMT 2008

The purpose of the get_categories is to retrieve all of the categories 
and then make them backwards compatible. What you are trying to do is to 
get all of your taxonomy terms. It would be simple to create your own 
function for achieving that. Of the 9 line function body, you only need 
2 lines to create your own function. I'm not sure where you are getting 
2000 lines of code, but forcing the core code to dance around your 
modifications is not something I would be happy about without good 
enough reason.

Functions of that limited purpose should stay limited to prevent over 
reaching the scope and reducing the optimizations the function is meant 
to achieve. get_terms() is well flexible enough to allow you enough 
freedom to employ in any fashion to create your own function for what 
you have in mind.

You can also create an wrapper around get_categories by using the 
'include' argument for get_categories(). If you get the IDs of the terms 
of your taxonomy, you can include your specialized categories along with 
the WordPress ones.

You can also hook into the 'get_terms' filter and look for the 
'category' and 'link_category' taxonomies to add your taxonomy terms to. 
I mean, I not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve or how, but 
there are several ways around not doing anything to get_categories().

I'm not sure why these two solutions above would not solve your problem 
with the least amount of additional modification to get_categories().

Who should you bribe? I'm not sure, if you put forth a good enough 
argument to westi or ryan, they might commit your patch. Well thought 
out arguments explaining the benefits of the patch to everyone will go a 
long way. I have a hell of a time explaining my positions, telling 
someone, "... because I said so," doesn't really work I've found and 
putting to word my abstract ideas and arguments is a little above my 
current intelligence. Wonder how much 20 points can mean when it comes 
to an IQ and I do wish I had them sometimes.

Well, good luck with your arguments and the patch. That said, I'm going 
to do everything possible to argue against your position, no matter how 
childish it seems. Don't let that stop you, though.

Jacob Santos

Malaiac wrote:
> Actually get_categories handles two taxonomies, the post categories
> taxonomy and the link taxonomy.
> And my plugin, a directory plugin, need its own taxonomy, since it
> allows regular posts + "website listing ~ posts".  I know the few
> others directory plugins for WP works within the post taxonomy, but I
> dare to say zeList is a little bit more powerful and feature-rich than
> those.
> A filter request seems appropriate and not too much to ask : who
> should I bribe ? :)
> M
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