[wp-hackers] wp releases : is it planned in any way ?

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Fri Sep 12 04:14:09 GMT 2008

The reason the ticket hasn't been worked on is, because get_categories 
only handles the category taxonomy. It is also for backwards 
compatibility with previous versions. I'm not exactly sure what you are 
trying to achieve that would force you to change the category taxonomy 
to 'myowntaxonomy', but that doesn't seem like something that belongs 
within that function.

The core developers have already mentioned the purpose and the reason 
why the patch and why the ticket is invalid or wontfix (in my opinion). 
If you are trying to tell people that, hey use this code <?php 
get_categories("type=zelist_category"); ?>, because people konw and 
understand get_categories, but not ze_category_list().

If you are writing a plugin, then you have to expect a level of 
redundancy on the part of users having to plug your function in instead 
of the core function. Alas, the WordPress library is GPL, so you don't 
need to write 2000 lines of code, you just need to copy 2000 lines of 
code and modify a couple hundred or two to get it working with your 

I close with a disclaimer, I'm not a core developer, so you know a 
filter might work. I'm not the one you need to convince.

Jacob Santos

Malaiac wrote:
> http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/7427
> I need another taxonomy :)
> I could release without the fix. Just would have to recode stg like
> 2000 lines of PHP just to change 'category' to 'myowntaxonomy'
> Actually, a filter would work. Updated the ticket.
> Malaiac
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