[wp-hackers] WP Roadmap Site Launch

Chris gaarai at gaarai.com
Thu Oct 30 15:36:38 GMT 2008

I'm very pleased to report that WP Roadmap now has it's own site. Please 
visit wp-roadmap.com <http://wp-roadmap.com/> to check it out. I added a 
subscribe feature for those that want to keep up with updates on the 

Since the site, and the project itself, is very new, the site looks very 
rough and the front-end is still in a very early alpha stage. If you 
have any ideas on how to improve the look of the site, want to volunteer 
to help out with the project in any capacity, or have any ideas, please 
share them.

Some people seem to be a bit confused about how WP Roadmap will work. 
The project will be wholly contained on the site. I have no plans 
currently on releasing any downloadable documents (other than the 
possible images that I've talked about) or plugins, but you never know 
what the future brings. Also, yes, the site is and always will be free 
to use as well as open to the public.

- Chris Jean

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