[wp-hackers] WP Roadmap Project

Gaarai gaarai at gaarai.com
Thu Oct 30 11:44:29 GMT 2008

I don't think that I will be releasing any downloads. I'm having a hard 
enough time trying to figure out how to display and filter the data for 
quick loading and efficiency of searching as is. I suppose that I could 
just dump a number of CSV files for people to sort through, but that 
wouldn't be very valuable for many people.

You message did get me thinking about the possibility of generating a 
tree node style image from the data for each version. That could be 
pretty cool.

- Chris Jean

Krusty Ruffle wrote:
> Is it available for download somewhere, if it's doing what i think it's
> doing them I would love to use/test it and would be more than willing to
> give (hopefully) constructive feedback about my experiences with it...

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