[wp-hackers] What does the last line in the wpautop function do?

Glenn Ansley glenn at glennansley.com
Sat Oct 25 18:44:56 GMT 2008

Hey all,
This was a thread I started back in September. I got around the issue
by not inserting captions via the media manager and doing it on my own
with CSS. The only reason I bring it back up is because a request just
came through on the wp-pro list that references the same problem. I
haven't figured it out yet, but I believe there's some sort of problem
with the last line of the wpautop filter in conjunction with long
posts and the caption shorttag.

Here is a link to the discussion I started last month along with the
post from wp-pro that came through today:
wp-pro post
I need someone to troubleshoot an issue that I'm having posting a
4000+ word article, which contains a lot of links and different

The issue occurs when I try to add a caption title to an in the post
-- all the text and HTML is wiped out and the page is left completely
blank.  When this doesn't happen, when I go to preview the post, the
post is completely blank.

If I leave out image captions, I'm able to publish the post, but it
screws up all the formatting of the other posts on home page, making
all the text bold.

I am willing to pay someone to troubleshoot this issue.  Please, let
me know your rate.

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