AW: [wp-hackers] Update of non GPL-Plugins (was Plugin licenses)

Nigel Dunn nigel at
Fri Oct 24 11:29:26 GMT 2008

Philip Hetjens wrote:
>  ....
> 6. He recognizes that for some of his plugins new versions aviable and he
> installs them, too.
> 7. He will not recognize, that there are also an update for the bought
> plugin. Because he will expect, that wp would show him this information.

Maybe if the plugins page makes it clear whether recognises the 
plugin or not. That way the user is aware that they have to keep track 
of upgrades rather than rely on the automatic notification. At the 
moment you're right that if they haven't seen any message then they 
might assume that everything is up-to-date.



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