[wp-hackers] PHPDoc and state of the Codex

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Tue Oct 21 18:08:20 GMT 2008

So it looks like there was a massive effort to get PHPDoc into 2.7, 
for nearly everything. It's GREAT!! My thanks go out to all who 

My question today is, what to do about the Codex's Function Reference:

It has always been incomplete and out of sync with the code. Does 
wordpress.org have plans to have an official replacement, generated 
from the PHPDoc, so we can get rid of the Function Reference once and 
for all? There are several useful sites with cross-refs and such 
listed at the bottom of the above Codex page, but none are "official". 
Which would be the most useful? Are there any useful components of the 
Codex Function Reference that should be preserved? Thoughts?

And what about the Template Tags page in the Codex? That is also prone 
to being out of sync, and could be replaced by phpdoc, maybe? We could 
potentially link to the appropriate files that should contain template 
tags. Thoughts?

I am posting to Hackers and Doc, to get a cross section of opinions...


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