[wp-hackers] Who fixes API Key problems?

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Mon Oct 20 16:50:19 GMT 2008

We get posts like this all the time on the support forums:


While I don't understand the internals, I know that the whole API-Key
situation can get easily screwed up by users who don't know what they
are doing.  Where, exactly, are these users supposed to go for
support? Because we obviously cannot help them, and there is no clear
path to support there.

Also, people seem to be frequently blown off or directed to the
wordpress.org support forums simply because they are using the
Self-Hosted WordPress, which frankly annoys me to no end. I hate
having to tell people I can't help them and that they're in the wrong
place, especially when they went to the right place in the first place
and were apparently not clear enough in what their problem is.

API key issues MUST be handled by the WordPress.com staff. Nobody else
can fix them. So where is the correct place to send these people?


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