[wp-hackers] No more "sidemenu" action...

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Fri Oct 17 14:55:59 GMT 2008

>> Jennifer: [plugin wants to add a couple of links to the admin header
 >> "sidemenu" action that did that has gone away ]

> Stephen Rider: I suppose you could make a new top-level menu called Languages.

Usually there is only 1 link (if your blog has 2 languages, which is 
the most common usage, you only need 1 link to switch to the other 
language). It hardly merits a whole top-level menu. I guess I could 
add it to "settings", but since it's a temporary setting, it doesn't 
really fit there either.

Is there a way for a plugin to add to the "favorites" drop-down? I 
haven't read the code on that yet...


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