[wp-hackers] No more "sidemenu" action...

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Fri Oct 17 00:46:59 GMT 2008

In WP 2.6, there was an action called "sidemenu" you could use to add an 
item or two to the admin header -- specifically to the links on the 
lower right side of the admin header area. I added this action to my 
multilingual plugin, to add links to allow an admin to easily switch to 
one of the blog's other languages while on the admin side of the site.

I just finally got around to looking at 2.7 today. (I had been out of 
the country traveling for a while until recently.)  It looks like this 
action is gone, probably because the "side menu" is no more. And it 
doesn't look like there is any replacement (I took a look at the code in 
wp-admin/admin-header.php, and didn't see any actions or filters inside 
the header area).

Any ideas? Did I miss something? Any place I should be putting these 
links (I didn't think they fit into any of the categories in the left 
nav)?  Or can we somehow restore the "sidemenu" action, or something 
similar, so I can put one or more links into the header somewhere? I 
figured I would bring it up here as a discussion before filing a Trac 



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