[wp-hackers] SSL for a single page

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Thu Oct 16 08:43:30 GMT 2008

Theres no settings for per-page SSL, I have a feeling that if you were to  
attach to a permalink-related hook, and change it to SSL, then WordPress's  
canonical redirection would kick in and redirect the user though.

WordPress doesnt care for shared SSL vs Dedicated SSL, It doesnt do any  
SSL work itself, thats left to the web server, It mearly outputs https://  
links instead of plain http://

On Thu, 16 Oct 2008 19:35:07 +1100, Rich Pedley <elflop at googlemail.com>  

>> On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 3:47 AM, Rich Pedley  wrote:
>>> I know there are a few plugins available for admin access via SSL, but
>>> what about the front end? Would it be possible to allow SSL for a
>>> page, or pages, via a plugin, or will the framework not allow it?
> 2008/10/15 Viper007Bond <viper at viper007bond.com> wrote:
>> Won't entering "https://site.com" into Settings -> General work?
> Forgive me if I've got this wrong, but doesn't that affect the whole
> site? wouldn't everyone then get redirected to https ?
> Allowing people to access the same site from 2 different urls is
> basically what I'm after - ie
> http://elfden.co.uk/  & https://server.shared.co.uk/~elfden/ (or even
> the straight https://elfden.co.uk/). Which I was fairly certain wasn't
> possible under a standard Wordpress set up.
>> And no plugins are needed for admin SSL enforcement. It's been native  
>> since
>> 2.6.
> sorry yes I'd forgotten this - though there isn't an option to set the
> url for this in the settings, so how does this work for those with
> shared SSL? Would I be able to utilise one of the functions that does
> this to help me solve the problem?
> Rich
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