[wp-hackers] Feature Freeze, Wireframes, Visual Design, Bug Scrubbing, and Beta Testing

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Mon Oct 13 23:32:19 GMT 2008

(Cross-posted to hackers and testers)

Feature freeze is scheduled for today.  We've landed all of the
planned features, so I think we're ready.

A todo list for the wireframe implementation is here:

The wireframes are here:


If there are any screens from the wireframes you want to work on, jump
in.  The categories and tags screens need someone.  See pages 11 and

The visual design is not yet done, alas.  Hopefully we will receive
something this week.  Once I have something to show, I will show it.

It's time to start beating on this thing. New features such as auto
upgrade, plugin install, comment threading, comment paging, and so on
need testing.  If you're already running 2.7, please try out the
automatic upgrade.   Use the "stay updated" link in the footer to auto
upgrade to the latest nightly build.

The 2.7 milestone in trac needs serious scrubbing.  Enhancements and
low-impact bugs need to be moved to 2.8.  Tickets with patches need
the has-patch keyword.   Those with commit privs need to work through
the has-patch list and either commit or defer.  If you have a ticket
you really want to see in 2.7, drop a note on it and wave your hands
in the wordpress-dev channel.


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