[wp-hackers] Maybe a secure-hole

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 20:30:30 GMT 2008

>> So: it would be really nice if the author urls were editeable/choosable
or if they just used display_name 

Though I'm new to this list and hope you'll be kind to me for stating my
opinion, I strongly agree that author urls should be editeable/choosable
(note: I have researched URL design at length and have a strong opinion as
evidenced by my blog on the subject http://blog.welldesignedurls.org
although admittedly I've not blogged there in a long time).

>> Why not just use a lowercase url-ized version of display name for author

That would be a great default.

>> Last thing: Why is there no permalinks field for the author base? If
anyone is going to look into this its the perfect time to offer that as an
option (this has come up before, i forget if there was a reason other than
lack of motivation).

That would be nice.  

Better would be to abstract the URLs so they can be configured completely
would be better. I have some "URL Routes" code I wrote for a plugin that I
could contribute.

-Mike Schinkel 
President; NewClarity LLC 
Organizer: Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs

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