[wp-hackers] Core Update and multilanguage

Frank Bueltge frank at bueltge.de
Thu Oct 9 07:07:27 GMT 2008


i'm a member of wordpress-deutschland.org and one of us feature is the
language-file in german for DU and SIE. In the german language is this
a different.

How works the core update to find the language-file. I have read the
wp-hackers-mails and the core and i see, you send the constans WPLANG.
This contans is in german de_DE and it give no different for DU and
The language file beacome the user over our website and not in your SVN.

Maybe it is possibel to change this? and a way to different the two
We write a plugin to translate all langauges in backend and we will
update for this plugin and a small version to update the langauge file
from the backend automaticly.
We will understand your way to update the core include the language-file.

I have understand your update so:
This is my interpretation of the code in the core.

I hope you understand me and can help me.

Thanks for your time and help.
best wishes.

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