[wp-hackers] Where Do I Configure This Plugin

jeffro at jeffro2pt0.com jeffro at jeffro2pt0.com
Wed Oct 8 06:39:11 GMT 2008

Andrew Rickmann has come up with what I think is a pretty cool idea, 
If I am reading into his post correctly, this would allow a configure 
link to be displayed in the Plugins page where the activate and 
deactivate links are. Placing a configuration link in that spot makes 
complete sense to me and would finally allow the settings pages for 
various plugins to be in a predictable location. Ever since I began 
using WordPress (2.2) I've had to deal with plugin authors placing their 
configuration page in this place or that place, making it hard to find 
the darn thing. Of course, plugin authors would have to adapt this idea 
but it sure would save a lot of time for many people as we wouldn't have 
to search throughout the backend to look for those configuration pages 

What are the downsides to an idea like this?

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