[wp-hackers] 2.7 Wireframes

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Tue Oct 7 23:30:50 GMT 2008

>> (1) Many plugins that need to define a larger number of admin  
>> screens also
>> define their own top level menu. These are being displayed  
>> (currently) after
>> the 'Help' menu when ideally they should appear before it. (This  
>> makes
>> organisational sense and I am also a firm supporter of Stephen  
>> Rider's
>> dictum that a plugin should simply be presented as part of the base  
>> system).
>> Is there a plan to change this? Maybe even allow authors to decide  
>> where to
>> insert their menu (Up to a point!)?
> I just committed a change to move Help to the end.
> I'm thinking plugins should be able to insert a menu after the other
> object menus (Posts, Pages, Comments, etc.) and at the end right
> before Help.

That's great. Sounds good. Thanks for this.
>> (2) I am looking forward to seeing these new 'icons' on the top  
>> level menus.
>> Is there going to be an API to allow plugins to define their own?
> Good question.  I haven't thought about it yet. Ideas on API?

On my old Admin Menu plugin I looked in the plugin folder for an image  
file with the same name as the plugin menu name. So 'podpress', for  
example, would look for a 'podress.jpg' and if not there would use a  
generic 'plugin' icon. Maybe not the best way but it worked. Or maybe  
an extra argument to the add_menu_page function...? But that would  
need to be backward compatible.
>> And - on a code point - although I can see no changes to the menu  
>> hooks
>> (add_menu_page/add_submenu_page) current top level plugin menus are  
>> not
>> working correctly. On first selecting one they are loading up the  
>> front end
>> (with the inevitable 404) and only after selecting a plugin from  
>> another
>> menu (say 'Manage') and then trying the top level menu ones again  
>> will they
>> load the correct admin page. This may be a bug... or is it a change  
>> to the
>> API that I have missed?
> Is it only happening when the Dashboard is the current page?  There's
> a bug there that I need to fix.  Top-level menus work for me
> otherwise.

That might be it. I'll svn down and try it again
Thanks Ryan. 2.7 s looking good.
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