[wp-hackers] Re: 2.7: add_users_page()

mpwalsh8 mike_walsh at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 2 18:52:53 GMT 2008

The Swim Team Management plugin (http://wp-swimteam.sourceforge.net) I
have been developing currently adds a menu under the Users menu.
There is a lot of information to collect to run a swim team and the
user's view of the Dashboard was the easiest place to capture it.

I was creating my own top level menu but it became cluttered as I
added more functionality so I moved all of the End User facing stuff
to a menu called 'Swim Team' under Users and the administrative
actions to a menu called 'Swim Team' under Management and implemented
a new tabbed interface for each type of user action.

When I took a look at the 2.7 trunk a few weeks back I wondered where
my End User stuff ended up.  It is buried and isn't as obvious as it
was under the Users menu so eliminating this menu may require me to go
back and add my own top level menu (which the Codex implies as not a
good thing to do).


On Oct 1, 4:49 pm, "Ryan Boren" <r... at boren.nu> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 1:38 PM, Will Norris <w... at willnorris.com> wrote:
> > Just curious if anyone could give some insight on how add_users_page() will
> > work in 2.7?  Specifically, where is it going to add these sub-pages?  Given
> > how the navigation is now laid out on the sidebar, I don't really see where
> > it would go, seeing as how there is no "Profile" menu item (currently).
> We can move it back to top-level if we have to, although I'd rather
> avoid adding another top-level.  Can you point out some example
> plugins so we can see what they're adding to Users?
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