[wp-hackers] Admin skinning

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Wed Oct 1 20:08:18 GMT 2008

There was talk a couple weeks ago in which a lot of people seemed to  
like the idea of being able to "skin" the admin area.  This especially  
in light of varying regard for the sidebar menus (personally I'm on  
the fence -- they may grow on me...).

Somebody in the course of that mentioned that you can basically do  
this already using the "Admin Color Scheme" functionality, since that  
basically just links a CSS file, and there's 90% of skinning right  

So I was thinking -- maybe we should change the label from "Admin  
Color Scheme" to "Admin Skin" (or "Appearance", or "Theme" or  
whatever).  Thus more conducive to entries that change more than just  

This is a simple change, as we need only change the label, not any code.


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