[wp-hackers] Question regarding making patches to core

Aaron D. Campbell aaron at xavisys.com
Wed Oct 1 16:56:33 GMT 2008

The changes won't go into the latest stable, they'll most likely go into 
trunk (2.7), so the diff should be made from that. If they ARE going 
into the current release (in this case, 2.6.x), then the diff should be 
made from that branch (branches/2.6) rather than a stable tag.

Once something it tagged, it doesn't change. As for knowing where your 
patch will be applied, almost everything will go to trunk. The only 
things that will go to the current branch are security fixes and bug 
fixes (if they are important enough).

Hope that helps.

Stephen Rider wrote:
> I'm relatively new to things such as SVN and making patches. I have a 
> question:
> If I want to make a patch and submit it to Trac, should I make the 
> changes to the latest stable release and diff that, or change a recent 
> nightly and diff that? Is there a preferred way or maybe it doesn't 
> matter?
> Steve

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