[wp-hackers] Adding tabbed entry panels to the Post/Page Edit Form

Edward Benson eob at MIT.EDU
Wed Oct 1 13:35:10 GMT 2008

Hi All,

I'm writing a WP plugin that adds a new collapsible box of options to  
the Post/Page entry forms. Within this box, I would like to have  
tabbed sub-pages exactly like what you see in the "Categories" box  
right now (with "All Categories" and "Most Used" being the two sub- 
pages of that box).

It appears that the CSS & JavaScript code that supports the tabs in  
the Categories box is hard-coded specifically for that box instead of  
generalized for anyone who wants tabbed content in an administrative  
panel. Is this true? Is there any way to re-use Wordpresses existing  
tab magic, or do I have to duplicate the functionality with a second  
set of JavaScript?

Thanks very much in advance,

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