[wp-hackers] WPMU can handle the agora?

Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) bentrem at aol.com
Sun Nov 30 05:35:12 GMT 2008

The OS concept I've been kicking around since ?when? at least 1995 looks 
like it's doable with Moo.
If this pans out at all I'll be setting something up through 
SourceForge. (As a default ... anybody got better suggestions please 
email me.)

Here's what would be a show-stopper/deal-breaker.

The point is to have a set of blogs (potentially a very, very large set) 
that are deeply interconnected.
For example:
* the ability to X-post ... what I imagine is that a participant sees a 
post in Blog K and pops it into Blog M (which would require them to add 
a substantial bit of text to the exerpt; this ain't Digg or Propellor). 
Now things get interesting ... that action would a) show up back on Blog 
K and b) comments to the Blog M post would be presented there as well. 
(Details need to be polished, but if the mechanism can't support it then 
the whole question is moot). This would require having the loop cross 
* hiving off comments as posts, sort of a variant of the above, where a 
comment on a Blog Post (membership is conditional ... lame one-liners 
don't count ... we're gonna out /. /.) appear on the member's personal 
blog as a Post. (Members get their own blog, with minimal PM function 
... this ain't FaceBook. It ferr shurr ain't MySpace.)

Can someone tell me either or both of those are just plain impossible?
I'm guessing that they're both doable ... thinking of how WP can run 
multiple blogs from one data-base ... but if I'm wrong I'd appreciate 
someone put me out of my misery ASAP.


p.s. if there's a Moo list please someone let me know
p.s.2 if someone wants to ping my primary email: ab006 AT chebucto.ns.ca

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