[wp-hackers] Displaying recent comments in 'live feed' from WP and bbPress

Alex Hempton-Smith hempsworth at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 24 19:32:12 GMT 2008

Hi all,
I'm attempting to create a box on the homepage of my site which will display
the latest comments from my WP site and bbPress forums, one after the other
in a text-scroller type thing. It will show the avatar, username and comment
for a brief period of time, and then fade out and fade in the next comment.

I will probably output the comments within a div which will be animated
using the jCarousel jQuery plugin with auto-scrolling enabled (

Although I could try and wrangle the built in WP and bbPress functions for
outputting latest comments, I think I'm going to merge the comments RSS
feeds for the blog and forums, and parse them to create the divs.

Does anybody have any tips/resources for parsing RSS feeds within WP and
using that data to create what I'm looking for?

Many thanks,

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