[wp-hackers] wp 2.5+ cookies

Justen Fox jrf1039 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 15:57:58 GMT 2008

Is there yet doucmentation for the new cookie functionality?

I'm running 2.6.3 and it no longer works with the following plugin:

The plugin forces user login before viewing any pages.

The plugin writer has a fix for the new cookie, but they charge $30 for it.

>From what i can tell, the old version no longer works because the WP
cookie has changed.

This is the plugin conditional:
if ( (!empty($_COOKIE[USER_COOKIE]) &&
		!wp_login($_COOKIE[USER_COOKIE], $_COOKIE[PASS_COOKIE], true)) ||
	(empty($_COOKIE[USER_COOKIE])) ) {

But, unfortunately, the codex has not been updated with the new cookie

Thank you.

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