[wp-hackers] Pesky "Says:"

scribu scribu at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 14:35:14 GMT 2008

Hello, I've modified my theme to use the new wp_list_comments() in WP 2.7.

My problem is this line in comment-template.php:

<?php printf(__('<cite class="fn">%s</cite> Says:'),
get_comment_author_link()) ?>

After the comment author it always appends "Says:", which can't be styled,
nor modified with a filter. My only shot would be to use jQuery, but
attaching a 30KB+ .js file just to be able to remove a word isn't quite

So, I sugest at least a <span> around it:

<?php printf(__('<cite class="fn">%s</cite> <span>Says:</span>'),
get_comment_author_link()) ?>

(Probably should have posted it directly to trac.)


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