[wp-hackers] A question about theme updates in WP 2.7

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sun Nov 23 01:48:55 GMT 2008

Krusty Ruffle wrote:
> Will an automatic theme update cause files in the themes folder to be
> removed?
> I ask because I have a plugin that queues a user created style file if it is
> found in the theme's root folder. If this file will be removed when the
> theme is updated then I need to figure out a way around it. I seem to
> remember this happening with plugins when the automatic updating started for
> them and I would prefer to avoid a possible problem if I can :)
> Thanks for any information or help anyone can provide.

Without looking at the code, I will have to answer that it works like 
the plugin upgrade code. Therefore, yes, if you have styles in the same 
folder, they will be removed along with the theme.

You should recommend your users switch over to using child themes 
instead, if they wish to make modifications. There are also improved 
inclusion code that will include parent theme files or use the child 
theme files if they exist.

Jacob Santos

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