[wp-hackers] Select Menu to filter results by Custom Values

Kelter-BadCat Design kelter at badcat.com
Sat Nov 22 03:49:52 GMT 2008

Ugh.. OK thanks everyone!

Time to learn some more php and db stuff.

fwiw, I've been trying to replicate a lot of the jobs board that wordpress has.
My take is here - not yet officially launched.


for the moment, I've used "tags" to answer my issue re: custom fields (seasonal and full time) but I feel as though the better solution will be to work out how to better make use of the post meta custom field data.


At 2:30 PM -0800 11/21/08, Jennifer Hodgdon wrote:
>And then you can't simply use the echo command to print the array. You need to do a PHP loop, and print it as a SELECT list. Check one of the WP drop-down functions for an example, if you're not a PHP expert, but if you print an array with echo, you just get the text "Array".
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