[wp-hackers] sitewide tags and wordpress mu: How to change the autocomplete?

Burobjorn burobjorn at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 18:19:18 GMT 2008


I've been working on a sitewide tags system called bbMutag since
Wordpress Mu 1.1.1

See the previous release here:

See it also in the wild here: http://radio6.nl

Recently I have gotten the request to update* this plugin so it will
play nice with version 2.5.1. (this version is our main focus for now
due to external factors) and above.

So I've written an exporter for those who have been using the older
version of the plugin. This makes it possible to export the previous
made tags to the standard wordpress terms database model while retaining
the sitewide tags tables. The next thing on my list is to change the old
plugin in using actions to automatically add and remove tags to the
sitewide tags tables. I will have a look at Donncha's sitewide tagging
solution for this.

However one of the things I haven't found an answer for is howto
'reroute' the tags autocomplete request to a different serverside script
without touching core files. The reasoning behind this is that we want
to create a sitewide autocomplete so authors of different blogs can use
eachother's tags. The current bbMutag plugin has this functionality and
I would like update it as well and play nice with Wordpress' tagging
functionality. Is there a way to change this without touching core files?

ps: I just got my info for the svn repos on wordpress.org and I will
import the old and new plugin asap, so you guys will have an idea of
what I'm talking about ;)

* Yes, there are more solutions now, but there were none at the time. We
opted to update our code and offer it to anyone who wants it under the
GPL. Hopefully it will attribute in the end to a great sitewide tagging
solution for WP MU.

All the best,


met vriendelijke groet,
Bjorn Wijers

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