[wp-hackers] Where does is invoked do_enclose?

Austin Matzko if.website at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 14:23:09 GMT 2008

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 9:04 AM, Claudio Simeone <mrbrog at gmail.com> wrote:
> So I want to disable that function, but I can't understand where the
> do_enclose() function is invoked when a post is saved.


> they say to edit /wp-includes/functions.php, but I don't want to hack
> core files if is not necessary.

do_enclose() is called within the do_all_pings() function, so probably
your best bet is to remove the do_all_pings() callback from the
"do_pings" action hook:

remove_action('do_pings', 'do_all_pings');

Then add your own version of do_all_pings (the same except without the
do_enclose() call) as a callback for "do_pings".

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