[wp-hackers] My plugin is losing authentication on one page.

Glenn Ansley glenn at glennansley.com
Tue Nov 11 15:20:05 GMT 2008

I'm in the middle of developing a plugin and I've run into an abnormal
situation I can't seem to resolve.
It seems that one of my functions somewhere is crippling the user
authentication system somehow... but only temporarily.

- I have a page-template that handles several stages of a form. I'm
using POST for the method and the action is returning it to the same
- You have to be logged in to view the script.
- When progressing from stage one of the form to stage two, I somehow
lose my authentication
  -- Form no longer becomes visible (have to be logged in to see it)
  -- "Log Out" links switch over to "Log in".
- Yet, if I manually type /wp-admin into the nav bar (or navigate to
anywhere else on site for that matter) I have access as the logged in
user ( including the opening stage of my form ).

So it would appear that my plugin is temporarily killing the
authentication for that one page.
The interesting thing is that this is happening before
template-redirect filter is fired off, because I hooked a function to
that to print the user-id and it's not present at template-redirect.

Any obvious functions , filters , hooks I might be crippling?
I am using the following hooks in my plugin: admin_print_scripts- ,
admin_head , wp_head , wp-enqueue_script , wp_print_scripts , and
admin_menu. I am also using register_activation_hook function

Any ideas? I continue to look.

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