[wp-hackers] Customizing TinyMCE in 2.7

Dino Termini dino at duechiacchiere.it
Mon Nov 10 15:10:34 GMT 2008

Hello everybody;

I am testing Wordpress 2.7 on my weblog. Since I’m obsessed with 
accessibility, I made my website as much accessible as possible. In 
order to write accessible content with Wordpress (up to 2.6) I tweaked 
TinyMCE adding the xhtmlxtras plugin to it. Now with WP 2.7 I'm not able 
to find the file tiny_mce_config.php anymore. I wrote Viper a private 
message about this, but he said the only solution is to use hooks. Well, 
I'm not really kean on writing a plugin. I know editing core files is 
"evil" but it saves much more computing resources than a plugin :)

So the question is: where did you guys move tiny_mce_config.php? :)


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