[wp-hackers] Strider Core (was Need help with: coding new Plugin options)

Frank Bueltge frank at bueltge.de
Sun Nov 9 21:57:38 GMT 2008

Thanks for link to my class an my project wpenginner. Please read my
feed in the WP-Planet ;-)

I think it give many ideas of thsi form. another one is WPF- WordPress
Framework, is a ltlle bid older with many functions.

I speak bad english and will lern more, i hope youn understand me.
I think, it is better for wordprss and the community, when we have a
better standard with more classes or a framework. Many ideas of plugin
have it hard to code. My friend have write a plugin to translate in
the backend all code, live. The plauin scna the code - this is realy
hard for the server. better was a constant for language-file or an
function to st all mo/po-files an the same pont in plugin. This is
only a small problem of may problems. Now have developers many ways
for write a plugin. This is great for flexibility, not great for a
peform code and website.

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