[wp-hackers] My Admin Footer plugin credits fails

Daiv Mowbray daiv at daivmowbray.com
Sat Nov 8 16:36:49 GMT 2008

Hello list,

Following the suggestion of Stepfen Rider,
I am trying to add plugin credits into the plugin options admin page.
Using the following code, my footer is not modified. (no plugin info  

Any suggestions welcome , and thanx.

function setup_optionspage() {
	if( function_exists('add_options_page') ) {
		add_options_page(__('My Menu'),__('My Menu'), 8, 'my-menu', array(& 
$this, 'my_options_ui'));
		//this should print plugin info into admin footer
		add_action('in_admin_footer', 'plugin_admin_footer', 11 );
function plugin_admin_footer() {
		$plugin_data = get_plugin_data( __FILE__ );
		printf('%1$s plugin | Version %2$s | by %3$s<br />',  
$plugin_data['Title'], $plugin_data['Version'], $plugin_data['Author']);

Daiv Mowbray
daiv at daivmowbray.com

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