[wp-hackers] Anyone in San Francisco?

Jane Wells jane at automattic.com
Fri Nov 7 18:29:41 GMT 2008

Hi everyone. I'm going to be doing some usability testing on 2.7 now  
that it's getting closer to finished. If anyone is in San Francisco  
and wants to participate, I'll be in town until Tuesday evening and  
can have people come in anytime between now and then. Will be testing  
with everyone from utter newbies to hardcore devs, so if you're  
interested, email me and let me know (please do not reply to list and  
clutter everyone's inbox, thanks!).

In the interest of not just doing testing in places like San Francisco  
and New York, I think I'm going to start doing some lo-fi testing when  
I'm traveling for WordCamps, too, so if there's a WordCamp coming up  
and you'd be interested in participating in one of these less formal  
testing sessions, you can email me about that, too.

jane at automattic.com

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