[wp-hackers] newbie plugin author question (sorry in advance)

Rick Boatright rboatright at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 14:37:48 GMT 2008

First time plugin author.  I've spent a week reading emails, searching
codex, and blogs and tearing apart existing plugins, and failed to find the
answer to two questions.  I apologize in advance for a newbie stupid
question, but I'll try to write it in a decent way.

I have successfully followed the outline at
http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_Tables_with_Plugins and have my plugin
creating it's table and updating them on activation.  No problem.

I have used:

add_action('admin_menu', 'MeetingList_admin_menu');

to hook to the menu   and then that function does

add_management_page('MeetingList', 'MeetingList', 8, 'meetinglist,

== QUESTION 1 ==

Why (in 2.7) does clicking on the resulting meetinglist function menu item
under tools  take me to


I don't understand why this is going through IMPORT....   what did I do

===  Question 2 ===

So, my resulting page comes up, displays fine, everything on it works, but
when I try to POST the data on the page back so that I can write it in the
table,  if I post back to self (import.php?page=meetinglist.php)  my _GET()
and _REQUEST() are all empty.

(if that question isn't obvious, I have a form on that page to send data
back to my custom table which begins:

<form name="meetingform" id="meetingform" class="wrap" method="post"

I've tried various targets, and none of them seem to get me the results of
my form submission, including posting to _self )

Obviously, question 2 is related to question 1 -- which is,  where SHOULD a
form that wants to post back data to be saved into a new table link.  Note
that this information is __NOT POSTS OR PAGES___  meetings is a
fully separate data table containing information which will be INSERTED on
posts or pages, but won't be, at its creation, LINKED to them.

Thanks in advance for your patience.


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