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Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Tue Nov 4 19:10:36 GMT 2008

There are plenty of plugins for geographical tagging in WordPress. If 
you cannot find them in the official plugin repository, try Google 
(mine, for instance, is not in the repository but on my web site).

In my opinion, geotagging is not appropriate for WP core. Geotagging 
is quite complex, actually, and to do it right you need to have the 
ability to enter information in various ways and have it end up as a 
latitude/longitude pair. Which means having a geotagging database (for 
converting addresses to lat/long), and probably having map clicking, 
etc. Generally, that means you use an existing map service (Yahoo maps 
or Google maps), which is a proprietary service, and requires the user 
to get an account for it to work, and it could start charging at any 
time, change its API, etc. For that reason, I don't think it's 
appropriate for the WP core, but it's great for a plugin.

And regarding your first suggestion, I personally don't want my WP 
sites to report anything to WP Central, such as automatically 
reporting where I'm located or the existence of my site for some 
marketing listing on wp.org.


Steven Clift wrote [snipped for size]:
> 1. Place -  What do you think of having a standard way in WordPress to assign 
> [a geographical point for the site]? How about an automatic map of [WP] 
> sites or listings by hierarchical placename?
> 2. GeoTagging - What do you think of defaulting or at least having the 
> ability to assign a point, bounded place, or "global" geo-tag in terms 
> of the general scope of individual content items created? 

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