[wp-hackers] Re: wp-hackers Digest, Vol 46, Issue 12

Jane Wells jane at automattic.com
Tue Nov 4 15:02:29 GMT 2008

> From: Idled Soul <idledsoul at gmail.com>
> Subject: [wp-hackers] Post pages...
> I was just setting up a demo blog for themes, and was thinking,  
> there's
> no <!--nextpage--> button or option in the write panel editor. Is  
> there
> plans to add one soon, or maybe someone could squeeze it in before 2.7
> is released? Also, the Default / Classic themes don't appear to  
> "handle"
> that option either... Almost as if you'd need a plugin for that. Is
> there anyway this could be handled without a plugin and prepackaged in
> WordPress itself? Just wondering, thanks.

The closest thing right now is the More tag. There won't be any more  
features added to 2.7, as we are already in beta. Maybe it could make  
it into 2.8, but for now this is plugin territory.

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