[wp-hackers] Trailing Slash on Template Tags

Michał Gawroński dinth at dinth.pl
Thu May 29 14:21:31 GMT 2008

Alexander Beutl wrote:
>> is a bit silly and non-intuitive.
> Then please tell me why it is unintuitive to write the file... it is
> unintuitive to write a slash if you allready have a path (which could
> contain the slash, since the path should only contain directories and
> everyone online should find that directorys get trailing slashes
> automatically in URLs.
Because for me <path>/file.php is more intuiteve, and better 
readable/understandable (sory for my bad english) than only <path>file.php.
As far as i remember i used <path>\<file> even in "MS-DOS 5" times. 
Later was, MS.DOS 6.x series, MS Windows 3.x series, MS Windows 9x 
series, then i got internet connection and i was also using 
<path>/<file> in my work, then came Windows 2000 and Windows Server 
series - all time standard is <path>/file not <path>file, now i'm 
developing Wordpress themes and im also using <path>/<file>. Why change 
something, which is standard for over 20 years of computing?

Best regards,
Dinth < www.dinth.pl >

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