[wp-hackers] Trailing Slash on Template Tags

Alexander Beutl xel at netgra.de
Thu May 29 13:39:34 GMT 2008

> is a bit silly and non-intuitive.

Then please tell me why it is unintuitive to write the file... it is
unintuitive to write a slash if you allready have a path (which could
contain the slash, since the path should only contain directories and
everyone online should find that directorys get trailing slashes
automatically in URLs.

Then tell me why it is silly  to write the filename and just the

I'd say this is somewhat everyone will have his own preferences but I can
not see why one or the other would be silly

while adding a trailing slash wouldn't break any themes, it would cause
> additional load on servers

I am not to sure about that one... I don't think it would create any
additional load.
Every single OS I've worked with was damn fast in recognizing that "here" is
./ and that a // is nothing else than a /. To be precise you will not be
301-Redirected with // while you will with no slash at all.

Anyway: Don't change it since there is no real need to and people are used
to it allready...

2008/5/29 Michał Gawroński <dinth at dinth.pl>:

> Michał Gawroński wrote:
>> Alexander Beutl wrote:
>>> Template Creators would expect the / to be there cause it will be needed
>>> allways. So I really don't understand your point. Additional /es do not
>>> harm
>>> anyone - left out /es will make templates break...
>> i think that writing "<?php path_to_styles(); ?>screen.css" or "<?php
>> path_to_images(); ?>image1.jpg" is a bit silly and non-intuitive.
> Sorry for double-posting. As i'm professional template-maker, i must add
> that trailing slash in paths generated by php is one of most annoying things
> in Drupal for me.
> Best regards,
> Dinth < www.dinth.pl >
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