[wp-hackers] Trailing Slash on Template Tags

Michał Gawroński dinth at dinth.pl
Thu May 29 12:58:10 GMT 2008

Alexander Beutl wrote:
> Template Creators would expect the / to be there cause it will be needed
> allways. So I really don't understand your point. Additional /es do not harm
> anyone - left out /es will make templates break...
i think that writing "<?php path_to_styles(); ?>screen.css" or "<?php 
path_to_images(); ?>image1.jpg" is a bit silly and non-intuitive.
I preffer old, "<?php path_to_styles(); ?>/screen.css" and <?php 
path_to_images(); ?>/image1.jpg" way.

Best Regards,
Dinth < www.dinth.pl >

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